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What is EliteFitForever?

EliteFitForever is a complete Health and Wealth Creation System.

A Two Phase
Physiologically-Tailored Wellness Program

A Comprehensive Lineup of
Doctor-Developed Nutritional Supplements

A Wealth Creation Opportunity

We bring over thirty years of clinically tested methods, specially formulated supplements, recipes, fitness plans and recommendations provided by our team of Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists and behavior change experts. Fitforever will help you set and reach your goals with strategies and support tailored just for you.

Get More

Become a preferred customer.

Take advantage of a 5% discount by becoming a preferred Customer simply by setting up the "Auto-ship" option when ordering your favorite products.


Get it All

Become a partner & launch YOUR business.

Share the programs and products you love and launch your own business. Create additional income, and get a new chance for freedom.


Your benefits include

  • Earn up to 50% of retail price of our products
  • Your Personal EliteFitForever website
  • Six ways to earn
  • Online training


Defy all norms

Feel happier everyday.

Heal your body, get a life plan, transform your finances.

True solutions are simple. We help you hear what your body has to say and translate it into an easy to follow two-phase lifestyle program based on your metabolic type.
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