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Elite FitForever was created by leading doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts working together to bring you the most comprehensive wellness system ever developed. Supported by over thirty years of clinical research, our three phase system scientifically resets and balances the metabolism. The end results is a body recalibrated for permanent weight loss, enhanced energy, and real longevity.

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A Total Lifestyle Program

Take back your health once and for all. Our effective three phase wellness program was created together with physicians, dietitians, and fitness experts to work with your individual metabolic profile. Each monthly FitCube brings over thirty years of clinically tested methods to your doorstep, with specially formulated supplements, recipes, fitness plans, and recommendations to guide you through every step of your FitForever transformation.

FitForever Lifestyle Program

Phase 2



Once your metabolism has been reset, phase two of our system is all about building an individual lifestyle program using our Five Links of Health. Are you a Lion or a Cheetah? Discover your physiology type, the key to understanding how your body handles stress, processes food, and recovers from exercise.

Transition is a bridge between your rapid reset phase and your best possible self.

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Phase 1


Complete Metabolic Reset Safe & Effective Weight Loss Restore Hormone Balance

Expect rapid results during the Boost, phase one of the FitForever program. Boost is a simple to use system designed to reset your metabolic hormones through strategic menu planning and carefully selected natural supplements, along with patented blended shakes to transform your body into a high energy, fat burning machine. Boost can be done up to three consecutive times to successfully meet target weight.
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Phase 3


Expand your Comfort Zone Create Permanent Habits 10 Principles of Success

BioMax begins where all other programs end. Phase three of our system gives you the tools you need, including the Ten Principles of Success, to help you develop long term strategies for maintaining peak wellness, performance, and weight forever. Welcome to the end of the weight rollercoaster.

The FitForever Core

  • Gene DecodingGene Decoding
  • Metabolic TestingMetabolic Testing
  • Laboratory TestsLaboratory Tests
  • In-Person
ConsultationsIn-Person Consultations

Advanced Clinical Testing

Get the most out of the FitForever program by visiting one of our clinics for complete medical support and testing. Our highly trained staff is available to provide guidance and supervision throughout every phase of our process, starting with the development of your individual physiological profile. From Metabolic Cart Testing to gene decoding, our clinics are equipped with some of the most advanced diagnostic tools in the industry, to help you monitor each component of your health from the earliest phases of your FitForever transformation, right until the very end.

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The 5 Bio-Links

FitForever is not a weight loss program. It’s a permanent wellness system designed to provide you with simple tools for transforming your personal health. The Five Bio-Links are an easy to manage framework for reaching and sustaining individual wellness goals.



Maintain the proper diet for your individual body



Sustain proper hydration levels to fuel your entire system



Improve your circulation through aerobic exercise

Lean Body Mass

Lean Body Mass

Increase lean body mass with resistance training

Junk Night

Junk Night

Stay on track by strategically incorporating indulgences into your overall plan

The 10 Bio Markers

Creating an accurate picture of overall health can be complicated. Appearances can be deceiving; even the healthiest looking individuals can internally play host to a range of imbalances and ailments. The Elite FitForever system has been designed to measure results in easy to understand, quantifiable data.

The 10 Bio Markers provide a complete blueprint for determining overall wellness that can be used to measure success throughout our program. So you’ll never wonder if it’s really working.


Muscle Mass
Basal Metabolic Rate
Body Fat Percentage
Aerobic Capacity
Blood-sugar Tolerance
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio
Blood Pressure
Bone density
Regulate Internal Temperature

Are you a lion or a cheetah?

Unlock Your Physiology.

Every body is different. We’ve tailored our system to each individual physiology to ensure our program creates the kind of long lasting results you’ve been waiting for.
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  • FitForever has created a dynamic system of medical wellness where experts in medicine, nutrition and fitness come together to create individual and custom care. Our three-phase program is the end of yo-yo dieting and helps create a permanent lifestyle change. Utilizing the 5-Links of health that I created and have been living by for over 30-years, you will learn what it takes to lose weight and more importantly, keep it off forever. The goal of Medical Wellness is to give back your health and live in complete wellness.

    Bill Cortright

  • Creating optimal wellness requires a preventive approach. As physicians, we understand our role in providing patients with a comprehensive range of healthcare resources and professionals. With this in mind, we

    Dr. Perry Krichmar M.D.

    Dr Krichmar M.D. of Elite FitForever
  • Finally a program that conveys the importance of managing crucial factors like stress response and hormone balance in attaining overall health. The patients in our clinics can use the tools they learn from the FitForever program to enhance every aspect of their personal health.

    Dr Jaclyn Tolentino D.O.


Discover your physiology, take back your health, and achieve lasting results.