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The Elite Fit Forever program was designed to increase your energy levels by resetting your hormones and helping you manage stress.



Optimal hormone levels, hydration, balanced nutrition, and our specially formulated supplements will bring extraordinary mental clarity.



Your body is unique as your plan. A professional and experienced team works beside you to create a tailored program for your physiology.



Elite Fit Forever is a lifestyle choice, a program designed to achieve permanent wellness and optimal health. Changes are deep and consistent.

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A Total Lifestyle Program

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Our effective three phase wellness program was created together with physicians, dietitians, and fitness experts to work with your individual metabolic profile. We bring over thirty years of clinically tested methods to your doorstep, with specially formulated supplements, recipes, fitness plans, and recommendations to guide you through every step of your EliteFitForever transformation.

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Phase 1: BOOST

Phase 1: BOOST

Get READY for total transformation with BOOST our total metabolic reset.

BOOST is phase 1 of our program and it was designed to adjust your hormones to optimal levels using specially formulated supplements and menus. After this initial phase, your body will be ready for phase 2.



Time to SET your program according to your unique physiology and lifestyle.

Are you a cheetah or a lion? Welcome to TRANSITION, phase 2 of our program. During this stage, you will be creating the blueprint to follow for the rest of your life on your path to being fit forever. In TRANSITION, you will get tools and specially formulated supplements tailored to your physiology.

Phase 3: BIOMAX

Phase 3: BIOMAX

Time to GO! Go live your best life.

You made it. You have arrived to BIOMAX, phase 3 of our program. In this stage, you are following your blueprint we are there helping ensure you maintain your success with the specially formulated supplements tailored to your physiology.


FitForever success stories

Real people with real lives tell how they succeed after enrolling in this life-changing program.


“…and after 10 weeks, I had lost 40 pounds…”


Let me start by saying that I am 63 years old and had triple by-pass surgery 9 years ago.

Luckily, I had no heart damage and after the surgery, my weight dropped from 270 pounds to around 225 pounds. But through the years, I was gradually picking up a few pounds each year and was up to 256 pounds when I started the Stress-Response Diet and Lifestyle Program. I was also taking blood pressure medication and water pills to control my blood pressure, plus my Doctor had told me that I was pre-diabetic.

My girlfriend, Lora Nix, (who has lost 35 pounds on the diet so far) decided to start the diet, so I said, I’ll do it too, thinking I would maybe lose 16 pounds to get back to 240 pounds. Well, Let me tell you that once I got started, weight was coming off so easily that I kept going and after 10 weeks, I had lost 40 pounds. The best part about the diet is that I was never really that hungry. I had some cravings in the evenings that I took care of with a few carrots, but other than that, it was easy for me to stick with the diet.

The best part is after my recent annual physical is that my Doctor has cut my blood pressure medications in half and all of my blood work came back in her words “fantastic”. Now 4 weeks later, my weight is varying from 38 to 42 pounds lost, and I plan to lose 6 more pounds as time goes on. Since I reached my goal, I haven’t been exactly an angel ( I like my beer), but I weigh every morning and if I see a pound or two creep back on, I simply follow the diet closely for a day or it disappears, plus I am fairly active for my age which helps.

Let me close by saying that my girlfriend did all of the meal prep and I ate what she put in front of me to eat, but what she prepared was good, which made it easy. We plan to follow this healthy diet for the rest of our lives.

I would recommend the Stress-Response Diet and Lifestyle Program to everyone.

Monty Miller, Jeffersonville, IN

“In 13 weeks I’m down over 40 lbs., I’m off all my meds…”


I just went shopping for new pants yesterday, I am a size 4. I started Boost as a size 16, the results were unbelievable to me from the very beginning.

My goal was to get off all my meds, except thyroid because I knew I had to take that one. My doctor had just added Blood pressure pills and cholesterol medicine to my daily diabetes meds. It was overwhelming and the writing was on the wall for me. I filled these new scripts but I left them on my counter as my motivator, every day telling myself to either choose more meds or life. I had tried every diet and failed, my eye opener was when I juiced broccoli and limes for a week, that’s it, and I did not drop an ounce.

I knew something was wrong with my body, most doctors will tell you calories in calories out but I knew something was off. Boost worked for me from the very first few days, my sugars were normal and have remained normal, no spikes at all. It was amazing the rate the weight fell off. In the first 6 days, I dropped 10 pounds, I was so happy, and I have not felt deprived of food on this entire journey, at all. I feel like I know more about my body now at 52 than I ever have in my life, and I have a team that listens to me. My body is working, I can lose weight. In 13 weeks I’m down over 40 lbs., I’m off all my meds but my thyroid meds, just as I wanted, I got my wish!

I highly recommend Boost, EliteFitForever, they certainly gave me back my life.

Cheri Pivowar Size 4