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Phase 1 BOOST

Lose up to 20 lbs in 30 days.

Get ready to be amazed

    Specially formulated nutritional supplements

   2 Magic Whey protein tubs and the shaker

    Nutrition Book & Recipes

    Weekly Shopping Lists

   Access to BOOST tools & tips

BOOST is a scientifically designed metabolic reset. We use nutrition cycles to balance different hormones each week.
This phase will get you to your target weight while “rebooting” your metabolism.

BOOST includes specially formulated nutritional supplements and protein powder designed to transform your metabolism into a fat burning furnace plus all the tools created by our doctors and team of wellness experts to insure total success.


Eat better, sleep better, feel better.


Phase 2 BIOMAX

Tailored to Your Physiology

You are unique. Your lifestyle program should be too.

 Nutritional supplements

 Fitness tracker

 Learn your Metabolic Type

 Personalize your nutrition

 Train in your Metabolic Zone

You and your metabolism are unique. We designed a plan tailored for your body.

Phase 3 BIOMAX Life

Stay fit forever

Maintaining your results is easy.

Have access to our exclusive formulations tailored to your Physiology plus knowledge, tools and inspiration to stay in your ideal weight forever.

The BIOMAX Life Membership opens the door to:

 Meal plans

 FitForever TV

Member Discounts

Natural Whey

Made from pure Whey Isolate

Manufactured using Cross Flow Microfiltration for extremely low fat and lactose contents.

Contains both Papain and Protease for best protein absorption, as well as Branch-chain Amino Acids for protein synthesis.


Protein Jar

Our Supplement Line

Maximize your program or further customize it to target your individual needs.

Weight Loss

Better Health

Male Support

Heart Health



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